KEVA Colors 120 Plank Set

from MindWare


  • KEVA Colors 120 Plank Set
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  • KEVA Stunt Derby
  • KEVA Wrecking Ball Set


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What It Is

The KEVA Colors building set from MindWare is an open-ended building set featuring 120 precision-engineered pine KEVA planks now in multiple colors. So, in addition to the classic pine planks, you'll get planks in blue, green, black, and red for building. How you use the planks, is completely up to you. The planks are longer and flatter than traditional building blocks. The set also comes with a booklet featuring 11 pages of inspirational designs.

Is It Fun?

We like how open-ended this construction set is and the unique design of KEVA planks allow kids to create some really intricate designs, as demonstrated in the included booklet.

Who It’s For

The KEVA Colors set is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

It does take a certain amount of skill and patience to get the planks to balance and sometimes they may all fall down and you'll have to start again.

KEVA planks only come in one size. Additional KEVA sets are sold separately.