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  1. The ESPN Sportscaster Mic
    •  14.99
    •  6+

    Cue the music, da-da-da, da-da-da. Be the voice of ESPN's SportsCenter with this authentic microphone. Amplify your own voice and create authentic play-by-play action using three built-in modes of…

  2. High School Musical 3 Karaoke Microphone
    •  39.99
    •  5+

    Plug it into the TV to sing solo or with your favorite characters from all three High School Musical movies. The microphone features 10 songs with lyrics and cast photos shown on the TV screen.

  3. High School Musical 3 Air Jammerz Guitar Pack
    •  12.99
    •  5+

    Clip this unit onto your clothing and start strumming to rock out to two great songs from High School Musical 3. The songs starts off with vocals only, players start strumming to add in the music.…

  4. High School Musical 3 Hip Pop Dance Jammer
    •  14.99
    •  5+

    Clip this unit onto your clothing and start dancing to make the music play. Choose from three different HSM3 songs or three different modes of dance play. There is Beat Box mode where the rhythm…

  5. iTeddy


    from Zizzle

    •  89.99
    •  3+

    This teddy is an ipod-style video player. Featuring large-function buttons, a color screen in its belly, and built-in speakers, preschoolers can watch movies or play games. iTeddy comes preloaded…

  6. Lucky the Incredible Wonder Pup
    •  39.99
    •  5+

    The only pet a girl will ever need. Lucky is a labradoodle that can perform a number of tricks such as shake, beg, tug of war, sing, speak, and even stand on its head with a few simple commands from…

  7. P.J. Sparkles

    P.J. Sparkles

    from Zizzle

    •  19.99
    •  3+

    P.J. Sparkles lives in Twinkle Town with her friends Dazzle, Sparks, Flare, and Glowee and now little girls can be friends with her too. P.J. comes with a light-up heart, tiara, bracelet, earrings,…

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