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  1. Bluetooth Porsche 911 Carrera
    •  79.95
    •  8+

    The Bluetooth Porsche 911 Carrera is designed to work with an iPod, iPad, or iPhone, this is a sleek replica that offers a great R/C driving experience for kids. Once you've purchased the Bluetooth…

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  2. Head Shotz Twin Battle Pack - Wrecker Bot vs. Mantisector
    •  39.99
    •  5+

    Head Shotz is a line of customizable, transformable R/C battle ball toys that are designed to compete in head-to-head combat. Players add battle arms on their Head Shotz to protect the battle…

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  3. Follow Me Max

    Follow Me Max

    from Silverlit

    •  39.99
    •  1+

    Kids will love their new friend Max. Follow Me Max is a motorized toy that uses infrared technology to allow Max to follow a child wherever he or she goes. Max's remote control bone automatically…

  4. Jojo Bump Bump

    Jojo Bump Bump

    from Silverlit

    •  24.99
    •  18 mos+

    Great for a child's first remote-control vehicle, Jojo Bump Bump comes complete with headlights and a remote-control carrot. After hitting a roadblock, Jojo spins and moves in another direction. When…

  5. Iron-Trike


    from Silverlit

    •  39.99
    •  5+

    Based on the movie Iron Man 2, the Iron-Trike is a fully functioning Mark VI R/C motorcycle trike. Its hinged front arm design offers two game modes: super spinning and high-speed riding. Designed…

  6. Electronic Easter Egg Hunt
    •  3.99
    •  2+

    Silverlit's Electronic Easter Egg Hunt is a collection of four plastic egg-shaped timers, each sold separately. Parents find a place outside or inside to hide the egg, and then press the on/off…

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