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  1. Myachi Battle Paddles

    Myachi Battle Paddles

    from Myachi

    •  19.99
    •  3+

    Myachi (pronounced mee-ah-chee) Hand Sacks have been around for a few years now. These "hacky sacks for your hands" can be caught, kicked, and flipped with every body part except for the palms of…

    • Fun

    • Repeat Play

    • Assembly & Instructions

  2. Myachi Hand Sacks

    Myachi Hand Sacks

    from Myachi

    •  6.99
    •  3+

    What do you get when you combine a Frisbee, Yo-Yo, and Hacky Sak? Myachi! Myachi (mee-ah-chee) is the extreme sport that combines the fluid hand motions of Martial Arts with the full-body…

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