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  1. iCarly Digital Camera

    iCarly Digital Camera

    from Imation

    •  24.99
    •  5+

    This digital camera stores up to 80 photos with one gigabyte of memory that can be saved to the computer via the USB port. The camera, which is MAC and PC compatible, requires three AAA batteries,…

  2. iCarly Video Camera

    iCarly Video Camera

    from Imation

    •  79.99
    •  5+

    iCarly broke new ground for TV by including video created by viewers in every show. Now, you can get into the fun with this special digital camcorder. Shoot your video and then upload it to your…

  3. iCarly Webcam

    iCarly Webcam

    from Imation

    •  24.99
    •  5+

    iCarly is the first show to integrate user-created content in every episode. The webcam combines filming and photography to let kids capture images of themselves just as Carly and her friends do on…

  4. iCarly Action Kit

    iCarly Action Kit

    from Imation

    •  19.99
    •  5+

    The Action Kit, an add-on to the video camera, comes with a steady-cam mount, which the video camera hooks onto directly. There is a light to cue the talent and a microphone that can reach three-feet…

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