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  1. The Everything Girls Ultimate Sleepover Party Book
    •  9+

    The Everything Girls Ultimate Sleepover Party Book by Laura McIntyre includes more than 100 ideas for sleepover games, goodies, makeovers, and more.

    • Quality

    • Read-it-Again Score

    • Fun-and-Learning

  2. Dad's Book of Awesome Science Experiments
    •  5+

    This activity book includes 30 science experiments that the whole family can do together using items you might already have in your house.

    • Quality

    • Read-it-Again Score

    • Fun-and-Learning

  3. The Everything Kids’ Fun with Food Placemats
    •  3+

    The Everything Kids' Fun with Food Placemats are books of tear-out placemats with different games, activities, and puzzles on them to keep bored kids busy and entertained when out to eat at a…

    • Fun

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