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  1. Crazy for Cupcakes

    Crazy for Cupcakes

    from Action Products

    •  12.99
    •  3+

    Cupcakes are the hot treat du jour, and when you're done snacking (in moderation, of course), you can still have sweet fun with this colorful stacking game. This mix-and-match stacking game inspires…

  2. I Dig Raptor Attack

    I Dig Raptor Attack

    from Action Products

    •  24.99
    •  6+

    The I Dig line offers a creative channel that's easy to use, satisfying to play with and inspires creative play. Little archeologists use the steel tools to dig you into this lost dinosaur…

  3. Mega Volcano

    Mega Volcano

    from Action Products

    •  19.99
    •  6+

    It's Mega Volcano! What more needs to be said? Not much because this is a classic set that kids love. Easy to make--and easy to make erupt--kids mold the 12-inch volcano using the quick-dry plaster…

  4. Pottery Wheel

    Pottery Wheel

    from Action Products

    •  59.99
    •  6+

    Perfect for the novice or the expert, this Pottery Wheel set includes everything real potters use to make their creations. The wheel has a foot pedal for adjustable speed control, six paint colors,…

  5. Swirl Master

    Swirl Master

    from Action Products

    •  29.99
    •  4+

    The fun of spin art that kids know from fairs and school now comes home in a complete set that inspires wonder and creativity at the same time. Use the Swirl Master to create an instant…

  6. Travel Spindoodles

    Travel Spindoodles

    from Action Products

    •  5.00
    •  7+

    Now you can create crazy artwork anywhere, any time with the Travel Spindoodles kit. Kids use a travel-sized Spindoodles machine to create colorful, swirly works of art from the backseat! The kit…

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