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Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym

This week we’re giving away a

Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym

from Fisher-Price

The Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym is a deluxe play gym that, as part of the Smart Stages line from Fisher-Price, is made to grow with and aid your baby's development.

The gym can be set for three different stages of development: Sense, Discover, and Explore.


The Sense stage is made for birth and up. At this stage, because your baby won't be able to do a ton of physical engagement, the gym can be used mainly as a sensory experience for baby. Lay baby down and let her listen to the playful songs, hear different sound effects, and watch its light display. Baby can also observe herself in the self-discovery mirror. Babies love to look at themselves (as well as any face, really) at this stage and it helps them learn to focus their vision as well. The music in this stage is set for 20 minutes of continuous play.


By about 3 months, the gym can be set to stage 2: Discover. This is the time when babies really get curious and you can start engaging in more tummy-time with baby. Let her press the keys of the piano to help develop cause-and-effect, as each key corresponds to a different animal song. Or let her grab at all the different linkable toys, which can be rearranged and positioned in multiple locations around the mat and arch depending on whether baby is on her back or tummy. Making baby reach for the toys on the arch, for example, can also help with muscle development and gross motor skills.


By around 6 months, switch the gym to its final stage: explore. At this point, your baby is rolling over on her own, sitting up by herself, and wants to explore everything. She's curious, and this gym helps to reinforce the things she sees around her. Reposition the arch for sit-and-play mode and adjust the position of the keyboard so baby can play it with her hands. In this stage, songs and phrases help to introduce basic colors, shapes, and numbers. Or let her jam out with real piano notes by switching to piano mode. The keyboard can also be removed entirely for play on the go in this stage.

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