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Mead (6)
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BIC (3)
Hello Kitty (3)
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Back to School Product Reviews

TTPM reviews all of the latest back-to school products and gear for you child this season! From Backpacks, planners to pens and pencils, TTPM reviews it all.

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  1. ZipBin Picnic Lunchbox & Placemat
    •  3+

    Instead of putting your child's lunch in a brown paper bag, you can use and reuse the ZipBin Picnic Lunch Box & Placemat. The Picnic Lunch Box & Placemat comes in four styles: Denzel Dog,…

  2. Teach Me Elmo Backpack

    Teach Me Elmo Backpack

    from Accessory Innovations

    •  3+

    The Teach Me Elmo Backpack is an activity toy and backpack in one. On the front of the backpack are three different activity zones where kids can button, tie, and zip. There are two side pockets, one…

  3. Nickelodeon Backpacks and Lunch Bags

    Nickelodeon Backpacks and Lunch Bags

    from Global Design Concepts

    •  3+

    Nickelodeon fans of all ages can show off their love of favorite Nick shows and characters with an array of backpacks and lunch bags from Global Design Concepts. The SpongeBob SquarePants…

  4. Wild Notes

    Wild Notes

    from Crayola

    •  4.99
    •  10+

    Crayola's Wild Notes line is a unique pen and paper system that lets kids make colorful writing appear on each page. While the Wild Notes paper appears to be standard notebook paper, when you use the…

  5. Mini Tape Gun

    Mini Tape Gun

    from Hog Wild

    •  8+

    The Mini Tape Gun is a fully functional tape gun that dispenses a standard roll of clear tape. It comes with one roll of tape already loaded onto the tape gun. It's great for wrapping presents, but…

  6. Dry-Erase, Bright Fabric, & Crystal Effects Window Markers
    •  3+

    New markers from Crayola let kids explore, discover, and create on an assortment of surfaces, from dry-erase boards to fabric to windows. The Dry-Erase Washable Markers let kids write and draw on…

  7. Angry Birds Folders & Composition Notebooks
    •  1.99
    •  Birth+

    Angry Birds fans can bring the fun of the app to school with them thanks to an assortment of Angry Birds school supplies from Mead. There are six styles of Angry Birds Composition Notebooks. Each…

  8. Patch Buddies

    Patch Buddies

    from Bubele’s Patch Buddies

    •  31.98
    •  2+

    Bubele's Patch Buddies are backpacks with space for carrying and storing a book, crayons, crafts, lunch, or snacks. There is also a built-in carrying space on the outside of the backpack for a…

  9. Lalaloopsy Folders & Notebooks
    •  2.99
    •  4+

    Lalaloopsy fans can bring their favorite "sew cute" dolls to school with them thanks to an assortment of Lalaloopsy Folders and Notebooks from Mead. There are six styles of Lalaloopsy Notebooks,…

  10. Ice Age: Continental Drift Backpack and Lunch Tote
    •  7.99
    •  4+

    Ice Age fans can bring Scrat to school with backpacks and lunch totes featuring the character. The Feel Like a Nut? Backpack is a 16-inch blue backpack that features a puffy Scrat graphic, patterned…

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