Top Pool Toys

Top Pool Toys! Make a splash and have a blast with these top pool toys that are cool in the pool!

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  1. Splash Bombs Disc

    Splash Bombs Disc

    from Prime Time Toys

    •  9.99
    •  4+

    The Splash Bombs Disc is a soft foam ring with a soft fabric center that can be soaked in water. It's a soft and safe alternative to hard plastic flying discs. And it adds to pooltime fun because…

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  2. Tidal Storm Battle Gear

    Tidal Storm Battle Gear

    from Prime Time Toys

    •  19.99
    •  6+

    Tidal Storm Battle Gear takes water battle play to new depths: underwater. This battle gear set comes with goggles and a water blaster. The Power Grip Hydro Blaster shoots water up to 30 feet. To…

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