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Pool Toy Reviews

During summer, make a big splash with the top pool toys of this season! TTPM reviews the best pool toys for your children to stay cool during the hot summer.

  1. Splash Golf

    Splash Golf

    from Prime Time Toys

    •  16.99
    •  6+

    Now you can try for a hole in one in the pool with Splash Golf. This pool-ready golf set comes with a floating foam ring target, three splash golf balls, and a golf club. The splash golf balls are…

    • Fun

    • Repeat Play

    • Assembly & Instructions

  2. Splash Bombs Disc

    Splash Bombs Disc

    from Prime Time Toys

    •  9.99
    •  4+

    The Splash Bombs Disc is a soft foam ring with a soft fabric center that can be soaked in water. It's a soft and safe alternative to hard plastic flying discs. And it adds to pooltime fun because…

    • Fun

    • Repeat Play

    • Assembly & Instructions

  3. Tidal Storm Battle Gear

    Tidal Storm Battle Gear

    from Prime Time Toys

    •  19.99
    •  6+

    Tidal Storm Battle Gear takes water battle play to new depths: underwater. This battle gear set comes with goggles and a water blaster. The Power Grip Hydro Blaster shoots water up to 30 feet. To…

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