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  1. Dora the Explorer

    Dora the Explorer

    from MEGA Bloks

    •  24.99
    •  3+

    This is a product line featuring the following toys: Dora's Play Date Adventure, Dora's Park Adventure, Dora's Roller Coaster Adventure, and Dora's Pirate Adventure.

  2. Record a Story

    Record a Story

    from Publications International

    •  19.99
    •  3+

    Children love when mom or dad, grandma or grandpa, or another family member reads them a story. With Record a Story, a traveling parent or long-distance loved ones are able to read children a story…

  3. We Did It Dora

    We Did It Dora

    from Fisher-Price

    •  46.99
    •  3+

    Dora the Explorer's "We Did It" song and dance have been an integral part of the TV show and many Dora toys for the past 10 years. But after 10 years, change, and new technology, is in the air. The…

  4. Dora's Big Birthday Adventure
    •  29.99
    •  6+

    I haven’t been keeping tabs on Dora the Explorer’s expeditions, but judging by her latest video game, Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure, she has come a long, long way since searching…

  5. Dora’s Enchanted Forest Adventures Magical Fairy Dora
    •  32.99
    •  3+

    In the DVD movie Dora's Enchanted Forest Adventures, Dora explores in the Enchanted Forest and helps King Unicornio save it. Dora's fairy friends thank her by giving her wings. Girls can play with…

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