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Special Needs - Emotions/Social Skills Toy Reviews

Many children, and especially those with special needs, have trouble with social skills. Sometimes it's due to the lack of thinking creatively or abstractly, other times it might be due to how others treat a child with a disability. In any case, learning social skills and how to read and portray emotions is critical in society. By practicing making and drawing faces, you can help kids learn to understand the different emotions such as anger, happiness and sadness. Social skills, such as turn taking and completing a task, are also important. The following toys will help with these areas.

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  1. Kimochis


    from Plushy Feely Corp.

    •  25.00
    •  3+

    Kimochis are toys with feelings inside. In Japanese, "kimochi" means "feeling." Feelings can be messy, but that's where Kimochis come in. Using these cute plush toys, kids can get in touch with their…

    • Fun

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    • Assembly & Instructions

  2. The Pigeon Has Feelings Too, a book by Mo Willems

    The Pigeon Has Feelings Too, a book by Mo Willems

    from Hyperion Books for Children

    •  6.99
    •  1+

    This hilarious book will have your child learning about emotions and how to express them. Matching facial expressions with large clear words describing them, the book's bold colors and its humorous…

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