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  1. Tamagotchi Décor-atchi

    Tamagotchi Décor-atchi

    from Bandai America

    •  4.99
    •  8+

    Kids can get creative with this Tamagotchi decoration kit, which features removable skins or shell cases. Kids can add adhesive jewels and character stickers to liven up their portable virtual pet!

  2. Tamagotchi Lanyard

    Tamagotchi Lanyard

    from Bandai America

    •  5.99
    •  8+

    Tamagotchi are made to move, and kids can take their Tamagotchi wherever they go by wearing it around their neck with this “Tama Leash”. The lanyard comes with a character charm with a…

  3. Tamagotchi Watch

    Tamagotchi Watch

    from Bandai America

    •  9.99
    •  8+

    The new “Tama-Watchi” lets kids tell time with their favorite Tamagotchi characters. The digital clock is hidden beneath a character-shaped face plate, with four fun mini-games for kids…

  4. Tamagotchi Connection V5

    Tamagotchi Connection V5

    from Bandai America

    •  14.99
    •  8+

    The new Tamagotchi Connection Familitchi gives kids the opportunity to care for a whole family instead of just one virtual pet. Family's can grow up as celebrities, athletes, or even royalty.…

  5. Tamagotchi Music Star

    Tamagotchi Music Star

    from Bandai America

    •  14.99
    •  8+

    Tamagotchi was the original virtual pet, creating a whole new category in the toy business. Over the years, many different toys in this category have come-and gone. Yet Tamagotchi still attracts…

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