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  1. Kitchen Littles Birthday Party Fun

    Kitchen Littles Birthday Party Fun

    from International Playthings

    •  20.00
    •  4+

    Every day is a kid's birthday with this kit. Children “cook” a hamburger in a die-cast pan, “cut” and serve birthday cake, pop popcorn, and more with this role-playing set.

  2. Kitchen Littles Deluxe Cookware

    Kitchen Littles Deluxe Cookware

    from International Playthings

    •  23.00
    •  4+

    Little ones can whip a small feast with the help of this set. This role-play item comes with die-cast metal pots and pans for pretend baking, frying, boiling, and sautéing. Bon appetit.

  3. Kitchen Littles Electronic Deluxe Stove

    Kitchen Littles Electronic Deluxe Stove

    from International Playthings

    •  25.00
    •  4+

    You can hear the bacon cooking with this electronic play stove. It has a working light and control knobs and comes with everything needed to prepare and eat the perfect pretend meal: a die-cast…

  4. Kitchen Littles Deluxe Refrigerator

    Kitchen Littles Deluxe Refrigerator

    from International Playthings

    •  28.99
    •  4+

    The Kitchen Littles Deluxe Refrigerator by iplay is a miniature stylish pink fridge with adjustable shelves, an ice tray, produce bins and all the accessories kids need to create a memorable feast.…

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